2390s Starfleet

Welcome to the Star Trek: The 25th Century WikiEdit

This wiki catalogues the characters, locations and events from George Quail's "Star Trek: The Final Frontier" RPG campaign.

Anyone can contribute to this project. If you'd like to become involved in improving and expanding this wiki check out the Welcome page.

Campaign SummaryEdit

The game is set in the Star Trek universe in the year 2404 – forty years after Jean-Luc Picard took command of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. Focusing on the U.S.S. Enterprise-F, a Federation-Class explorer under the command of Captain Satlek, the game covers the classic Star Trek goal of exploring strange new worlds; seeking out new life-forms and new cilivzations; and boldly going where no-one has gone before.


Latest activityEdit

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