Jaheem Soto
Species Human
Base Of Operations U.S.S. Enterprise-F
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Age 54
Marital Status Single
Occupation Chief of Security, U.S.S. Enterprise-F
Rank Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet
First Appearance Episode S04E01
Spotlights Episode S04E05,S05E06

Lieutenant Commander Jaheem Soto is the Chief of Security onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-F. A Dominion War veteran, he has served for decades on several Starfleet ships including most recently the U.S.S. Damocles

History Edit

Shortly after graduating as a cadet the Dominion War began and he was involved in the conflict. He was captured and kept as a prisoner of war. Jaheem assisted an escape attempt from the prison camp, resulting in several prisoners successfully returning to the Federation. However he was severely injured in the process and medical care of the prisoners was limited. Although his life was saved his arm had been crushed and the nerves controlling it damaged. Eventually, after his return to the Federation, he elected to have this replaced with a cybernetic.

Appearance Edit

Jaheem is in his mid-50s but through a rigorous training regime has kept the physique of a much younger man. He is normally seen in neat uniform, even if off duty, or, if training, in looser exercise wear. His home colony world was heavily colonised by those of African descent and as a result he has very dark skin. However his right arm is the default light metallic colour of a cybernetic replacement. (Similar to Data.) Occasionally scenes show this continues past his shoulder and finishes in an irregular and slightly ugly join between synthetic and real skin.

Personality Edit

He has a strong belief in the values of the Federation. Through Starfleet he supports this. He is strict about regulations but holds the same standards for everyone, including himself. He leads his department by example and this has, eventually, proved successful with the Enterprise security team. Although some consider rules to be ropes which bind them, he considers them a net that supports him.

Superiors have previously suggested that he take the Bridge Officer's Test but Jaheem has declined saying, "First they give you that test then they give you a ship. Sooner or later they won't let you out of the command chair. I'm fine where I am." He was finally persuaded that progression was a necessity by a series of injuries.

Releationships Edit